All of our stock photos are unique, one-of-a-kind images that are never "licensed" to multiple customers. When you buy from New England Stock Photos you're not just purchasing the right to use a stock photo. We sell you the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use the image in any way you see fit. No one else will be able to purchase the same stock photo. You're guaranteed to be the only person using it. When a photo is purchased from our stock, we immediately remove it from the website.

We are not a microstock stock photo company. We don't sell the same image to multiple customers. There's nothing more irritating than choosing the perfect image for your presentation or magazine ad, only to discover that a competitor is using the same exact image! Every stock photo we sell comes with exclusive rights of use and our guarantee that no one else will ever be using the same picture. You have our word on it!

Buy An Image, Not Just The Rights - We sell photographs. When you purchase a stock photo from us, we guarantee that no one else will be offered the same image. While other companies sell you the "right" to use their stock photos, we sell you the photograph itself. You can do anything you'd like with your newly-purchased image. You can use it as many times as you'd like, in as many forms of media as you see fit. Once you purchase a stock photo from us, you own it. We relinquish all rights to the images we provide to our customers.

No Duplicates - We do not sell the same stock photos to multiple customers. Every photo is listed on our website once. When we sell an image, it will not be available to other customers. In some cases you might notice that we offer "similar" stock photos. We normally list 2 or 3 different photos of the same subject, often from the same point-of-view. These are not duplicate images. All of our images are unique, one-of-a-kind photos that are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

JPG and TIFF - All of our stock photos are available in both JPG and TIFF format. We've listed our stock photos on this website in JPG format only. Once you purchase an image, let us know if you'd like it in TIFF format and we'll gladly email it to you. Bear in mind that most of our TIFF images are huge and range between 80 and 120 MB.